Day Of Caring

Day of Caring volunteer opportunities are a great way for you
and your coworkers to come together, develop team-building skills,
and make a difference in our community! These opportunities allow meaningful participation in one-day projects that directly help
clients of United Way-funded partner agencies.

Current Day of Caring Opportunities:

DIY Client Support Kits

Volunteer Commitment: Your job as a volunteer will be to construct helpful kits that will be distributed to partner agency clients. 

Time: 2.5 Hours (15-20 Minute Presentation, 2 Hour Kit Construction) 

Number of Volunteers Required: Flexible – Kit Construction can take place from the comfort
of your own home/office

Cost Kit Information: Kit cost may vary to fit your budget, kits outlined below are just an example

Kit Information: Our kits are community impact specific and will work to assist partner agencies and their clients. 
Kits are customized to best suit your budget. We have thousands of options and are experts at designing the
perfect group volunteering opportunity for you and your team. We can also work with you to designate and design
kits that align well with your corporate mission. 

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