Funding Guidelines

2022 – 2023 Funding Application

United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo will consider funding applications from registered charitable organizations serving the community of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB). Where a program falls within the mandate of a municipal, provincial or federal government, an agency must demonstrate that it has utilized all possible government funding for which it is eligible before submitting a request for United Way funding. 

Current operating deficits shall not be funded by the United Way.

The United Way contributes to the operating expenses of an agency and not to
its capital expenses (building or land) or the establishment of an endowment. In accordance with the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Principles and Standards, United Way Funds may not be used for providing staff with compensation that is based on a percentage of contributions, finder’s fees,
or contingent fees. United Way funds shall not be used for fundraising finder’s fees, commissions or percentage compensation for agency staff. The United
Way will not assume the role of being the sole funder for any agency.

United Way funds are not available in support of such programs, or activities, whose exclusive or primary purposes are education and counselling related to religion or sexuality, (Including sexual activity, birth control, or abortion), or any programs or activity inconsistent
with our values or mission.

For more information on funding guidelines, please email one of our Community Investment Coordinators:

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  • The right to be informed of the organization’s mission and purpose and to become a member of the organization if the donor so wishes;
  • The right to have access to the organization’s annual financial statements and to easily obtain a copy;
  • The right to know how donations, directly or indirectly contributed to the organization are distributed, and to be assured that donated funds are used as intended by the donor;
  • The right to be treated with consideration and respect by the organization and to receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition;
  • The right to confidentiality regarding personal information about donors and facts about their donations;