Helping Kids Be All They Can Be

Our Focus

Children and youth are the future of our communities.

Children We support initiatives that put kids on the path to
success by investing in their development from early
childhood to young adulthood — ensuring they have the
opportunities they need to thrive.

Our Initiatives

  • Only 34.6% of children are developing appropriately
    in all areas of development
  • Only 83.2% of students in Alberta complete High School within
    3-5 years of entering Grade 10<
  • 86% of First Nations women who had completed high school by age 18
    are among those who participated in clubs or groups at least weekly, compared with 50% among those who participated less often
How We Help


Family and Early Learning programs which offer tools and strategies
to assist and ensure the best possible development of children
and families in our community.


Free access to tutoring and homework support for children and youth in our community, keeping youth engaged and away from the negative elements of the streets.


An emergency youth shelter, to ensure our youth always
have access to support and shelter.


Indigenous Youth Programming which includes Indigenous
arts and crafts, Cree and Dene language classes, Pow Wow
dancing, and more.


Our United Way run ‘Tools for School Program’ which ensures children and youth are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in school regardless of financial barriers.

By The Numbers

In 2020


Unique individuals were served through Family Support and Early Learning programming.


Children received facilitated developmental screenings which allow parents/caregivers to utilize the data to better support their child’s development.


Safe exchanges and 140 safe visits were facilitated through the Family Access Services funded program.


Clients were served in United Way-funded pre and post-natal programming.


At-risk children received a mentor to support them and educate them in their development with pro-social skills, self-regulation, self-worth, and resilience.  This has increased these children’s experiences with school success, sense of belonging, positive relationships, and powered anxiety.


Students in Wood Buffalo who otherwise wouldn’t have access to valuable school supplies and resources were provided with the tools they needed to be school-ready.

Who We Support