Carpool Karaoke with Cathy – United Way’s on the Go-Go!

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Donation Delight and Halloween Fright: Carpool Karaoke with Cathy and Wendy!


Get ready for a musical treat that’s spook-tacularly exciting! United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo’s very own Carpool Karaoke with Cathy is back, and this time, we’ve got a special Halloween twist with the fabulous Wendy Rockwell. Wendy, one of the minds behind Fort McMurray’s Spirit of Halloween store, will join Cathy for a frightfully fun ride.

But that’s not all. We’re bringing you not just one but two thrilling treats in this episode:


1. Donation Delight: Alberta’s Tax-Credit Trick

First up, we’ve got news that’s more delightful than a pillowcase full of Halloween candy! This year, Alberta has hiked the provincial donation tax-credit rate on the first $200 of donations to a jaw-dropping 60%. That’s right, a six-fold increase! It’s like Albertans are getting a treat bag of tax credits.

And here’s the real treat: When Alberta’s new donation credit rate teams up with the 15% federal tax credit for small donations, you’ll receive a whopping 75% tax credit on the first $200 of eligible donations. That’s a major upgrade from the 25% tax credit we had last year when Alberta’s rate was only 10%. Imagine this: a $200 donation now means you get $150 back in tax credits. So, the after-tax cost of donating is only $50! Now, that’s a treat worth singing about.


2. Demystifying United Way: What We Really Do

It’s not just about the music and dancing; it’s about making a difference! We know you’ve heard of United Way, but do you know what we actually do in Fort McMurray? In this episode, we’re here to demystify some of our mission. From community programs to vital support, we’re the heart and soul of giving back. Tune in for some exciting insights into how we’re shaping a brighter future for our community.


With the catchy beats of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” setting the tone, this Carpool Karaoke episode is a melodic mix of financial goodness and community spirit. Don’t miss the chance to join Cathy and Wendy on this adventure, complete with songs, laughter, and important insights.


So, are you ready to groove and give back?


Watch the full episode, and let’s make this Halloween season one to remember! As you bop to the tunes, remember that the best treats come when we work together for a stronger community!