Can you Make the Month?

An online challenge

Living on a limited budget can be an arduous task. For those grappling with poverty, making ends meet can seem impossible. This is even more true with our ever-increasing cost of living.

As part of our commitment to working with the Poverty Reduction Network and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, United Way FMWB has developed a poverty simulation platform called It offers a virtual experience by challenging participants to “make the month” on a restricted budget. Users are confronted with difficult decisions about housing, mental health, food security, child poverty, and employment. We encourage you to try out this powerful tool by exploring it with your family, colleagues at work, or as part of an interactive team-building experience. Can you Make the Month?

United Way FMWB is a key stakeholder in the Poverty Reduction Network. The PRN is comprised of a group of organizations who are committed to reducing the effects of poverty in the region, working as a collective to raise awareness of the issues around poverty, and providing innovative solutions specific to the region.