Tammy + Jonathan

Wait, is that Michael Bublé and his dance partner?! 

No, but they are 2 of the greatest United Way staff members here in Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo.

Meet Tammy McGlennon; the Resource Development Manager at the United Way, AND, if she isn’t busy enough, the owner of Blow Up Your Birthday. Tammy has a tremendous presence here in Fort McMurray & gives her all in every endeavor she comes upon.  If you know anything about Tammy, you are already aware of her radiant personality, her extremely admirable work ethic, her love of the Golden Girls and her two left feet.

Her partner, Jonathan Davies; the Campaign and Events Coordinator at the United Way, Michael Bublé look alike, former cancer researcher and resident social media guru has committed his time, and his fingers, as shown by the photos, to showing us all how to cut a rug with Tammy.  Jonathan is a force to be reckoned with; but yet greets every situation with a smile, a hilarious sense of humor & just the right amount of sarcasm.

Together, the two of them make an unstoppable duo for the United Way. An unstoppable duo on the dance floor? That remains to be seen.