Born and raised in the city of Sarnia, Ontario, Hayley has been immersed in the world of dance for over a decade.

With a passion for movement, she’s explored a diverse range of styles, including hip-hop, jazz, heels, modern, musical theatre, and contemporary dance. Sharing her love for dance, Hayley has had the privilege of teaching it back in Ontario. Her journey then led her to pursue a degree in Media Studies at university, where she also indulged her passion for dance by earning a minor in the art form.

Currently residing in Fort McMurray, Hayley has found her heart’s calling at Charlies Choices, where she works with boundless enthusiasm with the animals she loves . Her years of experience working with dogs made this opportunity irresistible, and she absolutely adores it. In her personal life, Hayley is a proud parent to a loving family of four-legged friends. She shares her home with three dogs, a cat, and a bunny, all of whom are rescues. 

Her commitment to animal welfare is a reflection of her compassionate nature. However, will she show that same compassion to her competitors on the dance floor? You’ll have to grab some tickets to find out!